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As a devoted Fifty Shades fan who also ships Damie (note I didn’t say Damie fan like others, since I’m not their fan, I just want them together), I’m so mad at a lot of people on this side of fandom! Or should I say ex fans? Because they have no right to call themselves Fifty fans after all this they’ve been doing and saying lately. They should all remove anything that has to do with the movies and the characters from their profiles and just worship the actors when not being in character instead. This is harsh, I know and if any of those elitist, judgy people (really, they’re so fucking judgy! Anyone who isn’t all about the leads is proclaimed as a hypocrite and a fake Damie immediately) found out, I’d have a whole clique being a bitch to me, that’s why I have to rant here, that’s why I can’t post this on Twitter and I just can’t keep it in anymore! I’ve had it with them, especially when they say shit like “I can’t wait FS to be over” and “J&D are the reason I’m still here not the trash books”. And yet they still comsider themselves FS fans, who’s the hypocrite now? Frankly, I don’t give a shit about the actors’ other roles, whether from before Fifty or the ones coming up next year. I’m here for the books, the movies that are based on them, the characters and their beautiful story, that’s it. They’re really like high schoolers, they don’t like the author (neither do I, personality wise, but I love her books and I’m still thankful she created the story) so they trash her and the books and they aren’t any better that the bitter haters who at least don’t pretend to like the movies just because they worship the actors (again, I’m thankful to them for bringing the lovely characters to life and doing it well, and yes, the movies wouldn’t be the same without them) and their relatonship, which, I agree, should be offscreen, too because something IS obviously going on and they look so happy together. I just can’t with the bitter negativity of these people who are very far from being saints themselves yet criticize everyone else.

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