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(I’m guessing you would characterize this as a random feeling.) I’ve lived in some very secluded wooded areas, and in the past had been involved in various burglaries and vandal activities. Remorse isn’t the problem though. It’s just the feeling of when you’re watching someone. In order to case someones property you have to know what their routine is, how they react to certain things, etc. And of course, ya know, see if they have valuables and what not.
The strange thing is, I was watching a man sitting in front of the TV through his kitchen window. And all I could think about is how we seem to get a ‘feeling’ that we are being watched. But, I look at this 35 year old guy in his boxers at 11:30pm, and he could not be more carefree. The random feeling is that moment that you realize that you never truly know when you are being watched, and that your intuition is bullshit. It shakes paranoia into your head and makes you wonder, when you feel like you’re being watched, what is ACTUALLY happening?

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