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I’m over-dramatic. I ruin everything. I’m self-centered. I overreact. I make everything about me. I’m immature. I’m naiive. I’m stupid. I’m bossy. I’m ugly.
I’m trying.

I’m sorry.

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  • I’m exactly the same and I came here to confess as much. I only have one or two real friends and the rest are fake. My family have disowned me. I’m still in touch with my Mum but the relationship has always been difficult. I wanted to confess all to a Catholic Priest but I can’t because of my views on contraception. Also been procrastinating/putting off jobs I need to do. A lot. I hope this site helps us both. Apparently Anne Frank’s diary contained sections which Otto Frank didn’t like because they moaned about the other 7 occupants hiding from the Nazi’s in the war! I have to go now. Hope we both achieve what we need to to feel happy and free!

    Anonymous June 18, 2017 5:39 pm Reply

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