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Hey every….
Ermm.. so… Am feeling really guilty abt something.
I broke my 8 months of relationship for the boy who stay with me only for 1 month
Here’s my story…
In February I came in relationshi with a guy but we only dated for like 1 month. We broke up bcos he was ignoring me and wasn’t sure abt his feelings.. after 1 month I started dating other boy… He was nice and such a gentleman…
Suddenly one day my ex poked me on Facebook and TBH that was the moment I realized I still love my ex…
Later on that day, he ( my ex) send me a message and he was apologizing…
He said he was just confused… And he was feeling really guilty…
On that day I broke my 8 months of relationship for him
And am feeling very guilty abt it… Am feeling not bcos I choose him but bcos I broke my 8 months of relationship and that boy hates me than anything now… ???
And now am afraid that karma will get me back ?

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