Remember me? I am the guy who was sick of his computer screen glow.

I have a lot of alcohol in my blood. I was at a friend’s place with some new people. We were having fun on Singstar and Guitar Hero. There was this girl there who kept “tet7sahar fiye.”

I was drinking, we all were. I went to her later that evening, in private, and told her that i think that’s she’s one hot chick and that i can’t believe i am talking to her so confidently.

I see myself as average looking. I told her that it was nice that i was able to be confident around a hot chick and she was flattered.

Of course I’m too much of a coward to just grab her and kiss her. So i get closer, plant a kiss on her cheek and thank her for not letting me kiss her, for not getting me into trouble.

I am thinking about her now. She is still this hot chick i meat last night but something in her is making me lose my sleep. I think i like her.

The problem is that i love my girlfriend. Do i really love my girlfriend or is it just the fact that i’m used to her?

Anyway, i thought i’d share this with you.
Tonight, i met a beautiful girl, and instead of being akward and shy in front of her, i was honest with her. I told her that i was glad to talk to a girl that was out of my league.

And she said she’s happy that she’s talking to a guy out of her league too 🙂

I am happy. It’s been so long.

I love you all


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  1. Anonymous

    That’s a great boost to your self-esteem. What happened before was only a temporary low. Life has it’s high’s and low’s. But you have a girlfriend. It’s not fair to her for you to be kissing and meeting new girls every night. What do you plan on doing about that?


  2. Anonymous

    Yes it was a good boost.

    I’m not planning on doing anything. I did not get her number nor added her on Facebook, and she knows I have a girlfriend.

    But I’m still very uncomfortable, feeling something weird I can’t explain. I really want to see her again.



  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, I know how you feel. New girl, new personality, new possibilities. It all comes down to you on whether or not you’re going to act on those feelings.


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