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I’m a 23 years old straight guy I’ve had a girlfriend for 3 years however since High School .. I’ve watched a lot of gay porn and masturbating on them with thoughts of having sex with a man as well. Even though me and my girl have sex a lot of time .. I still have the idea of sucking a dick and a man fucking my ass … I’ve also went to some massage spa where the masseurs are men .. but they were all clean massage but there are instances where their hands almost reach my dick and that gives me boner .. Imagine I’m being massage by a man naked .. with only a towel covering my genital .. years passed and my curiosity grew bigger and bigger and not until last week when I decided to meet up with a guy whom I have been chatting for a year now actually we’ve had several video calls masturbating .. going forward we went to a motel and we did it finally .. he sucked my dick and my balls, I came in his mouth twice and I even sucked his dick .. it doesn’t taste good as well as the look of it in personal .. it is also tiring to masturbate another man .. it is easier to do fingering to a woman .. the bottom line is .. I’m not sure if I liked it or not .. I get aroused by the idea of sucking a dick or watching gay porn .. but I don’t think that I’ll be doing it for several more times .. it’s better to masturbate alone and the weird thing here is that during the action my mind is with my ex girlfriend and that still puzzles me .. Well what can I say .. I’m a straight guy who’se curiousity is definitely wild … but I know soon change will come .. but that is after I cum ? I love having sex with a girl more than with a man haha ? but I adore both man and woman’s body and there are different feels for these two ? I hope I’ll find a girl that can accept my past and everything I did … and still loves me hehe after I’ve confessed to her ?

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  • Wow, that must have been puzzling! But man, good for you – you tried out and you can make a stance on that whole topic now, instead of being uncertain all the time. It might still irritating, but I think its better than feeling guilty or torn between desires. If you dont hurt anyone; life your life as you please..!

    Anonymous February 10, 2018 11:29 pm Reply
  • Anonymous February 12, 2018 11:42 pm Reply
  • You might just be bisexual. You like women and men. As simple as that. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    Anonymous February 13, 2018 7:52 pm Reply

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