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As I got older I started picking up weight in the belly area and I didn’t notice it until people started pointing it out. When I got to my biggest point I remember being out with my boyfriend at the time and his friends and I had on a shirt that was tight and small because he wouldn’t buy me new clothes to fit. We all got on the bus. The bus was so crowded that we had to stand. I was holding on to the rail which the ride was bumpy. With every bump my shirt kept coming up to the point my whole entire belly was out. One of my boyfriends friends saw what was going on and he put his hands on top of my hands so I couldn’t move my hands off the rail. So throughout this bumpy bus ride my belly was exposed with everyone on the looking at my fat jiggling everywhere. My boyfriend looked and then started lifting the bottom of my belly up and letting it fall down and people were so disgusted because of the way it jiggles so hard when he released my belly. Then he started poking and pulling on my belly button which really grossed people out. Then my boyfriend started tickling my belly button which made me laugh. Finally someone on the bus had enough and they said stop playing with her big belly and belly button because she was disgusted.

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