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When i was around 8 my step dad introduced me to his work friends daughter. We got along really well and even had sleepovers a few times. Of course because we were young, we would take baths together. One day at her house after we took a shower, we went into her room and she asked me to do something. The way she explained it was that it just tickles,so naturally my curiosity got the better of me and i said okay. She took me into her closet and we both sat on the floor. As we were on the floor she put her right leg over my left while her left leg was under my right. We were in the scissoring position, and our pussy’s touched. At first i was intrigued because of the sensation, so we did it again. finally i decided to pull back and we got dressed. I basically had borderline sex with her. Now as a 13 year old i understand sex and she really turns me on

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