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Your eyes, soothing and startling tranquil, brought a feeling so nostalgic, I could’ve broken down in tears right then and there. You didn’t know it then, but that moment sparked an unquenchable curiosity in me, that would eventually bring a whole bout of uncertainty and later, unending anguish.

It puzzled me, the ease of which you interacted with people, full of honest smiles and quick laughter. The way their stances instantly relaxed as they responded in kind with their own easy grins and amicable words. Envy was no stranger to me. I watched you and wanted to be you and at the same time, wanted you. I did all these things and could never stay away or control my gaze when you were in the same room. It would be impossible to keep up with conversations and soon, my friends took notice. They enjoyed teasing me in a way I found embarrassing, yet endearing. Over time, their spirit faded and they found other entertainment, but I could never forget you. You, the stranger that you were, and you, with a soul I felt so familiar it hurt. I will never forget you and in my unimaginable hope, I wish you never forget about me either.

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