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The truth is that I’ve never really loved anyone until I realized we were so similar and very much a like. You didn’t realize this but at that moment in time a fell in love with you because you were everything I saw in a girl. I’ve never in my life thought for a second I would fall in love instantly. You say you don’t believe in love but I strongly disagree with you because I experienced it first hand with you… You might never see more than as an acquaintance or close friend and I knew that but I couldn’t help these feelings I’ve never experienced in my life.. I take joy in the fact that this happened to me and that I knew there was someone out there just for me..but also I now experience great sorry that knowing I’ll never be able to spend the rest of my life with the one person I met who thought the way I do and saw things the way I do….
*Life truly is unfair I never really realized that until the moment I fell in love with you*

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