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I am hoping that you have read my first two installments on how I am trying to become gay but I have had this need as of late to experience my first true bareback creampie and I am pleased to report that I was able to make that happen last week.

I met him on a gay dating app and we talked on the phone relatively quickly. He was my age (51) and lived close by. We had arranged to meet for dinner and because of our scheduled just ended up meeting at my place. Keep in mind, we are talking about building a relationship and not just a hook up but after a couple of hours he asked if I was interested and I told him yes.

We started in the living room, with some oral and some kissing. I asked him if he wanted to move this to the bedroom and he readily agreed. Once there he spent some time kissing, 69ing and him fucking my throat as I laid with my head over the edge of the bed (my favorite) and he used his cock to hit the sweet spot in the back of my throat. After that he repositioned me so I was sitting on the floor and he was standing over me fucking my face. He asked if I wanted to fuck or finish him in this position as he was about to cum quickly and I decided that I wanted to bottom. I then asked him if he would cum inside me as that was the top thing on my bucket list and I wanted to experience this with someone that had equally limited experience such as myself.

He started sitting on the bed and I lowered myself onto him in a reverse position. Both of my feet on the floor and I slowly took it deep until I had all of it in me… I then rode him for several minutes until he suggested I lay on my back on the bed and I made him climb up so he could fuck me missionary…after several minutes of this passion exchange, kissing, touching etc he told me that hew as going to cum and I went from playing with his nipples to stroking his face. I watched his face as he closed his eyes and drifted off into bliss and he came very hard inside me.

Knowing that I let another guy cum inside me I felt loved and I felt owned at the same time. Knowing that I have the power to make a man cum was intoxicating and erotic and for the first time I felt like what I am seeking to become, a truly gay man. I cannot wait to do it again

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