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Tickle Torture Pt.2
(I was 7 he was 12 or 13, i didnt know what i was doing, havent seen him since)
So there are multiple times I had to have sex with him. (these may or may not be in order this was 5 years ago)
1. In the shed
so we went in the shed and I sat on something like a washer or deepfreezer, i can’t remember. I sat with my legs open and he basically had sex with me like that. then, his mom calls him in or grandma idk tbh. I come in first and she said, “what are you guys doing in there?” “he was showing me something” I go to get him and tell him what i said to her and he says, “why did you tell her THAT?” Thats all I remember from that.
2. In the backyard
we went out further in the backyard away from the beautiful hole(mentioned in part 1) he laid me on the ground and put is dick in my mouth. I remember he took it out and it had my spit on it and I said , “ewwwww thats really nasty, its spit haha”
3. in his bed
we were watching spongebob (which my mom wouldnt let me watch) i was laying next to him and he starts putting my head down to his dick. i said, “hey i want to watch” and i forgot what he said. I remember me straining my eyes to watch spongebob while my head was facing the other way. Not how a childhood should be spent.
4.the sleepover
no, this isnt where his friend fucks me too.
he was having a sleepover so his friend was sleeping in his room. I had to sleep in the attic. In the middle of the night he woke me up, brought me downstairs and had sex with me.
I told his older cousin deondre. I said, “can i tell you a big secret”
“yeah” he says
“deonte touched me somewhere”
“where” now that im older, i remember the face he made was a face of great concern
“down here, but you have to promise not to tell”
I didnt know this was “”rape”” or kinda pedophileness or that i couldnt give consent because I was only 7.
The weird thing is that this didnt traumatize me. I wasnt begging him to stop, i was just doing it because i didnt know any better. I liked it! As im older now, this has made me much more sexual and now this is my fantasy for this to happen again. I can’t control it. thx for listening. please comment

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