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Tonight, I hooked up with a guy from Craigslist, I’m a straight guy, not attracted to men at all, but I went the whole way, drove 50 miles, and got to his apartment and it was a little awkward for a minute and then he sits on his bed and pulls his shorts down and I was amazed this was happening I had fantasies about it so it was surreal. I got on my knees and I started sucking his dick, it was on the larger side for sure. I did that for a bit, completely submitted to him, he held my head and started fucking my mouth. Then I had brought some lube from home and gave it to him, he put on his condom and lubed up. The first penetration was pleasureful but painful and he fucked me pretty hard for a it, sadly….I thought I cleaned up well, but ended up have a shitty accident. Ended what was going to be amazing.

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