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My girlfriend has a daughter named jamie and she is also hot and I’ve always wanted to mess around with them both at the same time. My girlfriend is in her 40s (i’m 35) so her daughter is old enough. I know they talk about sex and my gf tell her daughter what we do and how I enjoy her in different ways. I know she can hear us having sex, which is weird too because her apt is so small but it’s a little like having someone watch us, although she probably has her headphones on most of the time, but it’s still hot. I take showers there and I see the girl walk by the door because there’s no molding or latch and you can see through the crack in the door. I’ve seen the daughter standing there talking on the phone a couple of times, which gets me instantly hard. I don’t do it intentionally. It just happens. Then I’ve had to walk through the apt with a boner under my towel which she has looked at, smiled and turned away from. I’ve totally seen her look at it and she’s not shy about what she wears and how revealing it is although she’s so small it would be hard to see any cleaveage or anything, just a lot of flesh in small panties and a thong bathing suit. My gf is always like “isnt’ she so beautiful?” “All the guys must thing she’s so hot.” But she never says “Dont’ you think she’s hot?” lol I would be like she’s smoking hot baby smoking hot lol.

Her mom is super hot and won’t let me get out of bed without blowing me and she never leaves her daughter alone in the apt with me. Probably just bad experiences in the past or just worry. She keeps a roll of papertowels next to the bed just for wiping her mouth and pussy off when we’re done either giveing each other oral or fucking.

But they are both very hot, thin and little titties both of them. They both wear short shorts and show off their slits through their clothes. I think I’ve almost died and gone to heaven. I say almost because if I got to play with them both the same night, even if I had to go to different rooms, then it would be complete.

This is my confession.

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