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I’m a family man, love my wife, well-respected. But I have an overwhelming fantasy to get caught fully naked and masturbating by a roomful of women who laugh hysterically at me then force me to continue, much to their amusement. Worse, perhaps, along those lines I once got naked in a hotel on a business trip and f*@*d a Fleshlight while standing in front of the window with the shades up. Just as I was cumming I saw someone move the shades back across the way, in another part of the hotel on the same floor, as if trying not to be seen. I was so nervous I jumped back, came all over myself, and then ducked out of site. I wanted to get out of the room and got cleaned up to go downstairs to the bar for some dinner. When I went out into the hallway, I ran into two women in their late 20s coming my way. When they saw me, they burst out laughing. I rode the elevator down with them while the tittered and giggled — and I blushed — the entire way. Since then, I masturbate to the memory often. Yes, with the shades up.

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