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I made it a habit for me to daydream. I talk to myself most of the time as if I were talking to the guys I like. I imagine myself being a vlogger-turned-celebrity gradually rising to stardom. I met Brandon Ingram on Omegle and we casually talked to each other, we liked each other’s company so we slid to each other’s DM’s. We met for the first time when I watched him play at Staples Center and made it official because we had to flew to California to meet my relatives who live there. I also bought us matching long distance bracelets and never removed them because I was just so in love with him (my first boyfriend!). I then met Cameron Dallas at Disneyland there. I dropped a polaroid picture of myself and he was the one who picked it up. He asked for help via Youtube and his friends to track me down. Turns out, my cousin was good friends with Nash Grier’s girlfriend because they were both professional photographers, and she was the one who brought Cameron for us to meet again. We became best of friends after spending the whole day with him and my relatives as we took a tour of LA. Brandon and I have broken up eventually because he changed, as if he weren’t the Brandon I met on Omegle. He blamed Cameron but I blamed him. I then auditioned for Bighit Entertainment and was the only female trainee who passed the auditions and am part of a co-ed band where I play the cajon; I was treated as a princess in the entertainment as well as in the industry. All of the other fandoms’ attention was on me because of my role in Bangtan’s lives and of the their biases. I was also assigned to role out as the protagonist in the story I wrote which serves as my debut in the big screen. I dated Vernon after being paired up with him in We Got Married and made it official right away. We broke up afterwards because he got in to really bad vices. The company gave the band some time to take a break because we’ve been active.We deserved rest. I flew to California to meet with my relatives again and met up with Nash’s girlfriend to teach me how to take pictures and videos because I started to pursue photography and videography. Aminé noticed my works when I took pictures and videos of his live performances so he contacted me right away to formally meet and ask me for a business proposal. We got to know each other and became friends with him as well as the others from Club Banana and soon enough I was officially a member of CLBN, too, as their official photographer and video-taker. I’ve always liked Aminé, then, he started saying that he was feeling weird (in a very good way) whenever he was with me. He wasn’t that much of a fan of commitments and all that but he feels like I’m the only exception and asked me to be his girlfriend on spot. I was featured in his Money MV wherein I directed it but he was the one who thought of the story concept. We ended things up in a mutual decision. We decided to still be friends because things weren’t awkward after all. I was still a member of Club Banana and am still doing my job as a member. I decided to become a Youtuber, I collaborated with Cameron for a few skits and featured in most of his vlogs / tags / challenges /. We were both cast in an original Youtube action movie with big stars like Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith. I started seeing him more than a friend and thought to tell him that if I were asked by an interviewer. And so the time came and I did what I told myself to do. He asked me if it was real and I told him it was and made sure that I wasn’t drunk. He was surprised at my sudden confession, he was lost for words, and later told me “I’ve liked you for years. It’s about time!” He kissed me on my temple. He asked me to be his girlfriend while on the same interview. “We’ve known each other since forever! Yes, I will and yes I am!” He’s wrapped me in between his arms after making it official. We showed so much PDA all through the night and caused to have inspired a lot of angry bloggers to write negative articles about us. He was a huge prankster and I didn’t like them be done to me that much. He pranked me on a frequent basis. The first time was a hickey prank and I was totally hurt because of that. The second time was when I caught him cheating, I was able to keep my cool because I was at their house. And the last time where he promised he would stop pranking me was when he said he was breaking up with me. I chose to get him back when we were asked to be guests at GGV. I asked help from Vice Ganda to set him up. The night before the guesting, I asked a friend of mine to meet up with him and pretend to be a fan. I specifically told her to be a little clingy. I also asked another friend to snap pictures of the two of them especially when she leans a little closer to Cameron for a quick kiss on the cheek. In the time of waiting for our cue to go to set, at the waiting lounge, I was acting really cold towards Cameron. This was the scene:

“Okay, seriously, what’s the problem?”
“Nothing. I’m saving my voice for the interview.”
“No, you’re not.” he sat beside me was begging for attention.
I glared at him, “Yes, I am.”
He gave up and stood up, walked around and rehearsed his introduction and how he would promote our new movie. I was scrolling through my phone and looked at the pictures of Cameron and the girl that was taken. Cameron got curious (which was my intention for him to look at my phone) and grabbed my phone from me and looked at the pictures himself.
“Seriously? You’re going to believe all of these?”
“Give it back!” I tried to get my phone back and then he saw someone (a good friend of mine who I asked to text me about dating after the pictures of Cameron ‘cheating’ on me went viral) sent me a message.
“What’s this? ‘Hey I heard about what Cameron did to you. I hope you know you don’t deserve him. I know it would take a pretty long time for you to be okay but I am and always will be here for you. I hate myself for choosing an inappropriate time for you to know but I’ve always cared for you as more than just a friend of mine. Hit me up if you need some company. I’m always down. Love you?’ He said love you? Oh, look, you replied.”
I tried to grab my phone from him but he was just too quick.
“Thank you. I’m not sad, by the way, so don’t worry haha. I was meaning to break up with him anyways. How does tomorrow night sound? It’s been long since we last met, hasn’t it?”
“Yeah, and I’ve been dying to see you again. Tomorrow night? With you? That sounds better than music to my ears. Can’t wait. Pick you up at 9?”
“It’s a date. It’s a date?! Since when did your parents allow you to go out this late?”
“Well maybe they’d consider it if I’ll be meeting with the guy they know they can trust to take care of their only daughter. They wouldn’t like it if I continue seeing someone who swore he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me but cheated on me eventually.”
“I didn’t cheat on you for fucksake! I didn’t talk to her that long, okay? She said she was a fan…”
“Oh so now we’re talking about last night when things are already falling apart? Great, Cameron. Just great.”
And then a knock on the door was heard. I was the one who opened the door (pretending to be) thinking it was a staff who was checking out on us because we were shouting. Turned out, it was the girl from last night. I (pretended) to lose my shit.
“Is this one of your sick pranks again, Cameron? It’s not funny anymore. This is serious.”
“It’s not! I told you, I don’t intend to do one again.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be here, too.” said the girl.
“Yeah, I figured you’d say that since we’re going to this show as a couple and automatically we’ll be at the same waiting lounge. I guess you’ve done your job right though; we’re over. He’s all yours.”
I faced Cameron with crossed arms when he wanted to explain himself. It was just in time for us to do the taping. We were called to be there in a minute.
“Can we have a few minutes to discuss something real quick?”
“We were given HOURS to prepare and you obviously didn’t want to get caught so there’s nothing more to discuss.”
We went to the studio looking so unprepared as ever. We were introduced by Vice Ganda enthusiastically and Cameron was obviously looked bothered and had a lot of things in his mind. I leaned closer to him and whispered don’t be a jerk and not ruin this night. He’s done enough damage to make this night as my worst.
“Yeah, thanks, I’m alright. My girlfriend and I just fought actually, things have been pretty hard so…”
“I don’t want to round around the bush, but we broke up.”
The whole studio gasped in surprise.
“No, we didn’t. We’re working things out.”
“Yes, Cameron, we’re over.”
“No.” he was already tearing up.
“I’m sorry, we should’ve just left but we didn’t want to be a bother. Can we do a retake?”
“Unfortunately we can. We’re live. Anyways, the people deserve to know this, though.”
“Yeah, but this is so improper. I apologize for making a scene.”
“No, it’s okay. This is the best payback prank I’ve ever seen.”
Cameron broke down.
I stood up and hugged him so tight, saying tons of sorry’s. He hugged me back and he almost couldn’t breathe from crying too much.
“This is the first and last time I’m going to do this to you because this is the reason why you’re not supposed to prank me. Okay?”
I gave him a quick kiss and hugged him until he calmed down. The interview went on though while I was hugging him and calming him down, I was the one who answered the questions. When he was okay, we entertained the questions that were to be answered by us as a couple. Eventually after years, we broke up because he ended up accidentally cheating on me after being drugged at a party.

Crazy imagination I got there, huh?

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  • ugh. cringey.

    Anonymous January 16, 2018 11:38 am Reply
  • #1: Someone tells a truth about themselves, and you condemn it. Making this downward comparison with someone else makes you feel better about yourself. I hope you will one day see that you don’t need to do this, and you can accept other people for who they are.

    Anonymous January 17, 2018 12:21 am Reply

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