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I was a serial killer again (I’m beginning get worried about the frequency of this theme), the closest to my real self as I’ve ever gotten.
In the dream, I was on vacation with my family. Meanwhile, I was freaking out, because my latest victim had been someone extremely close to me. I think I pushed my cousin, Drew, off the upper banister of the stairs… But, the odd thing was, even though I was worried when the police came to take my statement, even though my outsides were fine, I was panicking because I had a light sunburn. I kept on thinking about how the sunburn made it look like I was blushing, and thus lying.
Either way, this interrogation had happened a long time ago, I was practically in the clear, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my blush and my guilt. I kept on touching my cheeks, and getting more and more frustrated. I began to peel, on the upper floor of the house. Suddenly, my Dad (real dad) began to talk about snakes and how he owned snakes when he was younger. Apparently, most snakes shed their skin once a month, but sometimes weird genetic mutations or circumstances cause them to shed more often than that, even up to once a day. I peeled all the skin off my face. When it peeled off, it looked like dead snake skin, but I thought nothing about it at the time. Cleansing my skin and ridding myself of the blush felt so good, as if I had gotten an entirely new face. The guilt was gone.

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