I want to be a woman, and I want to be a slut. I want this so bad, that I can barely think, but I’m terrified of how everyone will react.

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  1. Anonymous

    Buy you some panties, some make up, a wig, and some womens clothes. Then go out and be a slut, take all the cock you want up your ass, and suck a lot of cock! No one has to know but you. Have fun and be a slut, I wish I did before I got married. I am lucky, I have a wife that buys me panties and fucks my ass with a big fucking dildo. But I do wish I could go out dressed up and suck cock, and get my ass gang banged, do it now before it’s too late!


  2. Anonymous

    Grow your hair out, go to the Walmart and buy you some slutty clothes. I buy mine there from the clearance racks, no one cares that I’m a man, you can go through the self check out, I’ve even had women help me, they don’t say a thing.


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